Industry Partner - Blacksmith Blades
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Mastering the ART of Haircutting Starts with GREAT TOOLS

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The tools you need to become a REAL professional.
The education you need to become a master.
Texas Cosmetology Educators partners with professional suppliers that produce the instruments we would purchase for our OWN students in our OWN classes.  
We provide a platform for students to learn in an effective way about subjects that interest them and promotes retention of knowledge relevant to state licensure and success in a professional salon. Texas Cosmetology partners with leading, professional manufacturers to personalize learning for students, and to include product knowledge devised to bridge the gap between school and entering the workplace as a licensed salon professional.
Our courses can be taken either for personal enrichment or as prerequisites for fulfilling professional requirements.
Students wanting to enhance their school experience can enroll on their own as an extension of instructor-led learning. 

 This is a turn-key solution. Choose to be as involved as you wish, or use our platform as an extra set of hands! Instructors and schools may choose an annual subscription for their entire school including student kits, or they may choose to onboard their school for TDLR approval and allow individual student purchase.

We submit your approval application | Our Instructors teach and manage courses | #JUST ADD STUDENTS

Texas Cosmetology Educators Distance Learning
Blacksmith Blades Student Shear Kit

Schools and instructors may choose to include Blacksmith Blades Student Shear Kits in their Distance Learning Package at a special rate.
 Classes as small as 15 students will qualify for a special reduced rate on the 3 piece student shear kit. 
Not just ANY shear kit! 
This is the high-quality workmanship you'd expect from Blacksmith Blades.