Principles of Haircutting Featuring Blacksmith Blades Student Shear Sets

Principles of Haircutting includes 50 hours of instruction in 5 distinct courses that will begin with the structure of the hair, care of the hair and scalp, and diseases and disorders. Next future salon professionals will journey through health & safety, infection control, basic cutting methodology, hair design, and the fundamentals of haircutting.  All of this instruction includes a deep look into the world of Blacksmith Blades, one of the finest professional shears on the market. 
Future salon professionals have the option of purchasing a 4 piece student shear set, or a 5 piece student shear set. 

4 piece shear set includes cutting shear, thinning shear, razor, and shear wallet. 


5 piece shear set includes all of the above, and an additional shear to use while cutting mannequin hair.