4 Hour Continuing Education Training

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Course Objectives

Refund/Cancellation Policy All courses are refundable within 180 days of purchase minus a $10 cancellation fee per course as long as the course has not been substantially completed. Any textbook or shipping costs are non-refundable.Privacy PolicyTexas Cosmetology Educators does not share any data with outside of the services involved with the transaction and reporting i.e. Credit Card Processor, LMS provider, State Reporting, etc. We reserve the right to send email advertisements regarding your license renewal and other relevant notices.This training course meets All Requirements for Operators, Manicurists, and Estheticians
Includes Sanitation and Human Trafficking

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TDLR CE Requirement:
1 hours of Sanitation
3 hours of Cosmetology Related
Must have Human Trafficking Component

Our Course Meets This Requirement
2022-2023 Course Outline:
1 Hour of Sanitation
1 Hour of Human Trafficking
1 Hour of Cultural Diversity
1 Hour of Psychology in Cosmetology
Detailed Course Outline

Infection Control 60 Minutes
  • blood borne pathogens
  • decontamination
  • sterilization
  • advanced infection control

Sex Trafficking Awareness 60 Minutes
  • defining human trafficking, sex trafficking, and labor trafficking
  • differentiate between human smuggling and human trafficking
  • myths and misconceptions about human trafficking
  • indicators or warning signs to help identify human trafficking
  • places to report suspected cases of human trafficking
  • resources to help human trafficking victims

Cultural Diversity 60 Minutes
  • exploring what cultural diversity means
  • investigate why cultural diversity matters in teams
  • harnessing the potential benefits of multicultural teams
  • leading diverse, inclusive, and high-performing teams.

Psychology in Cosmetology 60 Minutes
  • create relationships that last longer than your services
  • build trust with your clients and colleague
  • increase your retention, rebooking, referrals and reviews
  • reignite your significance, self-worth and sense of belonging

Course Lessons